Ann Aitchison - Glowing Glass

Wish Sticks

I have always loved the look and feel of glass and when the opportunity arose to attend a course on stained glass I jumped at it.  This led me on to fused glass I love the fact the glass blends together without the lead being a barrier.  I enjoy the anticipation of opening the kiln and seeing the glass having been transformed from sharp angles and edges  of individual pieces of glass to one smooth shining piece.

As can be seen by my work I love bright sharp colours and  create random colours in random shapes but the subtle colours of seascapes and landscapes also interest me I try to capture the colours of the Scottish hills which can change from shades of black and grey though to greens and blues.

Having always been an impatient person I have learnt through working with glass you can't rush anything the pieces won't always do as they are told and need to be persuaded to fit in the shapes I want but the most patience is needed when the glass is in the kiln as it needs to be heated in stages and held at different temperatures then there is the cooling process which is even slower depending on the thickness it can take days for it to be safe to open the kiln without the glass cracking.

Each piece is made with care and if you should have any of my work I hope you enjoy owning it as much as I have enjoyed making it