Elizabeth Souter - Artist and Silk Painter

Elizabeth has enjoyed Silk Painting and Batik for about 14 years now,  and loves the vibrancy of colour and the challenges of painting on fabric. Painting on silk takes her to a New World of adventure and colour!

Elizabeth began Silk Painting at a local Group with friends and has been fortunate to attend workshops led by some of the best Silk Painters and Batik Artists in the UK.  

She is a member of the UK National Guild of Silk Painters, The Batik Guild,  Silk Painters International,  and is currently involved with the Scottish Branch of the Guild of Silk Painters.

Elizabeth exhibits her work at local Art Club Shows and can be seen in the lovely Mugdock Makkers gallery.

Her style is mainly using Wax as a resist and building up layers of colour from light to dark.  She says There are always happy accidents when working with wax, that is what makes it exciting, beautiful and irresistible to work with. The blobs can always mean something! 

Her background of teaching Dress & Design allows her some flexibility with stitching, and she enjoys adding machine embroidery, quilting and embellishment to some of her work. 

She use mainly  French steam fix dyes on silk and Procion fibre reactive Dyes on cotton. Elizabeth enjoys the flexibility and movement that can be created with steam fix dyes.She also enjoys manipulating and felting  dyed silk fibres and constructing  three dimensional pieces.

Her inspiration comes from the Scottish countryside, flora and fauna,  colours of the changing seasons,  and she especially loves  to paint our fabulous feathered friends! 

She states that painting on silk is a wondrous, exciting and vibrant art form and the finished work is soft, sensual and luscious!

Some of Elizabeth's work is shown here and........
she is happy to take commissions for Batik paintings on silk or cotton as requested, as well as commissions of silk scarves.    

Bluebell woodSilk fibre bowlBatik on cotton HenPink and Grey Scarf