Gavin Ritchie - Photographer

Gavin Ritchie
Gavin first discovered his love for photography at only 14 years old when his father bought him an old film camera on ebay in 2005. From there his passion grew steadily and he began discover the wonders of the Scottish landscape and immediately fell in love with the country around him and capturing it with his camera.

He left school in 2008 to begin studying photography at North Glasgow College where he spent a year learning to take photographs with all manner of film cameras and developing them in the darkroom. During that year he achieved 1st place in the Tradeshouse “CraftEx” competition with a night time photo of the Squinty Bridge on the River Clyde. Then in 2009 he progressed to Glasgow Metropolitan College to begin his HND eventually leaving in 2011. During his time at college he was shortlisted for the AOP Student Awards 2011 in the Landscape, Interior and Exterior category.