Jean Murphy - Jewellery
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My name is Jean Murphy I have been making jewellery for eight years.  Each of the pieces I make have an individual character.  Very rarely do I repeat a piece.
Many of the materials I use have been sourced abroad and this lends to me using quite a variety of different materials.
I spent several years in academia gaining a Law degree and a B. A. Hons. In the people sciences and now lead a much more stress free life and enjoy the time I have making jewellery.
I spent two years at North Glasgow College studying glass fusion and slumping gaining HNC level in both subjects and incorporate glass into my jewellery.  I have also enjoyed a leisure course at Glasgow College of Building and Printing learning silver smithing which again I incorporate into my jewellery. 
I enjoy working in the gallery as we have such a variety of great artists and I am always amazed at the great work that is on show.
Commissions welcome