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Lucy Jackson craft addict

Hi I’m Lucy and I am a bit of a craft addict. I love to make and create, to buy other crafts and crafty supplies, to share my craft enthusiasm wherever and whenever possible.  

I cant remember a time in my life when there wasn’t some sort of creativity involved, finger painting and fimo, gluing and sticking, sewing and sawing, with lots of encouragement from parents who never said ‘No Lucy you cant use the drill/jigsaw/sewing machine’ but said ‘Ok here is how to use it’  there was no stopping me!

In between the finger painting and the business I have now there was a lot of art and design at school, two years at Glasgow College of Building and Printing studying product design then three years Caledonian University studying for a BAhons and then an Msc in product design and development.

How did my business start? One year I made Christmas cards for my colleagues at work and then at Valentines Day and Mothers Day I was asked to make some custom cards and of course the answer was yes. Then a friend loved a piece of jewellery that I was wearing, one of my first wire creations and asked if she could buy one for herself again the answer was a big yes and that’s where it all started, the wonderful feeling you get when someone wants to buy something you have lovingly created. From there it turned into a business selling at craft fairs, online, here at the Makkers and also running workshops for adults and kids sharing the creativity. 

I am happy to be contacted about commissions

Textile bags Hair slides Anyone for Scrabble?