Eric Large

EL Woodturner Nothing can be more satisfying than creating a work of art from a piece of wood, it can be very therapeutic and rewarding. It is also nice to have a challenge, when asked to create something to a customer’s specification.

My turned items have many practical applications for use around the home or office and as gifts. They range from Salt & Peppers pots, Bowls, Candle Holders, Pot Pourries, Clocks, Calendars, Pens, Speciality gifts such as my Whisky Collection items made from the whisky barrel staves, Larger items such as Wooden mirrors , Foot stools and Table lamps and many more.Trees are one of nature’s most useful and recyclable creations, which can be transformed into beautiful and stunning pieces of art.

I prefer to create my pieces from wood sourced in Scotland such as, Beech, Oak , Brown oak, Sycamore, etc.Commissions Welcome