Tomoko Rowell

Tomo’s Japanese Calligraphy Studio I started to learn Calligraphy at the age of 6 or 7, and have always loved to write letters. For me, writing Japanese Calligraphy is very calming and relaxing.Throughout my childhood, there were calligraphy competitions at school, at least twice a year. Luckily my parents supported me to practice for them, so I just practiced and practiced and wrote loads and loads of Calligraphy, then I started to win awards, which made me love calligraphy even more!

At the age of 10, I was honoured to be invited to a special event where I could write calligraphy in front of the Great Master Kampo who was one of the leading calligrapher in Japan. I don’t think I was able to understand how great that opportunity was at that time, but I still remember that day very well. Then at the age of 15, I attained the degree of Calligraphy Master. Again, I didn’t understand it so much at that time, but now I really appreciate all these experiences which made it possible for me to enjoy writing calligraphy as a part of my life, and the best part is that someone is happy with my work and enjoying having it in their house!!!As Shunmyo Matsuno recommends in his book (Zen – The Art of Simple Living), I think having a piece of Calligraphy art gives you a reminder of something or gives you a sense of a spirit. In my opinion, it doesn’t always need to be understood by everyone, but if it gives you a message every time you see it, it would be such a perfect reminder for yourself! I have some of my favourite words or letters I have already made, however, I am very happy to write your favourite quotes or names of yourself or your loved ones as a gift! In Japanese Kanji (one of three alphabets in Japanese), one letter can be pronounced or read in different ways, so I will make sure that the meaning of the letter matches the person’s personality or how you wish the person to be (for babies).Additionally, I would be happy to give Calligraphy lessons where possible. It would be a mixture of learning calligraphy and mindfulness.

Please be in touch with me if you have any questions or interests! Email