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We are always looking for new members to join us, especially in crafts that are not well represented with us already. All of our members work in the gallery once each month plus a few extra days over the year to keep us open seven days and help out with special events. For more information on the commitments of being a Mugdock Makker or to get an application form see the link below.

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Would you like to see your work in

Mugdock Makkers Gallery?

We are always on the lookout for new members to join us, we are looking for Artists and Craft workers of quality creating works that are not currently represented in the gallery. Mugdock Makkers Art and Craft Gallery is run by the Artists and Crafters who display their work here, this means that everyone has responsibilities to the the gallery and each other. All members man the gallery once each month plus a few extra days over the year depending on our numbers and to help with events. Manning the gallery is either a day, opening up and being the duty Makker or a weekend demonstration. We have a gallery supervisor who works two days per week. Membership is £10 per month and the Gallery commission is 33.3%.

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Mugdock Makkers Art and Craft Gallery Ltd is a company Limited by guarantee, this means that each Makker individually guarantees the sum of £1 in the event the at the company ceases trading. Like all companies we have Directors, the board of directors are currently:- Irene Blackwood (Chairperson), Mhairi Sim (Secretary), Lynne McGill, Richard Kingslake (Treasurer), Caroline Bruce, Stasia Rice, Neil Paterson and Lucy Jackson the Gallery Supervisor. The board meet, usually, once per month to ensure the smooth running of the business. All Makkers must be prepared to Man the gallery between 11am-5pm during the summer months and 11am-4pm during the winter months. All Makkers must also be prepared to run a demonstration or craft activity on a Saturday or Sunday, this would usually be instead of a duty day. Demonstrations are an important part of communicating the unique nature of the gallery to our customers. It lets them see that we really are people making our wares, it also gives them an invitation to interact with us and ask questions about what we do. Duties and demonstrations will be according to a rota based on your availability. Makkers are responsible for their own duties and also responsible for organising cover by another member should you be unable to complete a duty. It is vitally important that we are open during the hours advertised.

Provisional Membership

When an artist or craft worker is accepted by the board it is for a three month provisional membership, this gives you and us the chance to see if the gallery works for you. Provisional membership fee is £30 to be paid in advance, you will then be allocated space in the gallery, we will organise a day suitable to you to spend with our Gallery supervisor or one of the members to learn the ropes and fit you into the rota. Before your first duty you will be issued with the Makker handbook, a contract and your Makker number. Each of the items for sale must be marked with your makker number, and the selling price, stock records are kept in the gallery. Where and how items are displayed in the gallery is entirely under control of the Gallery Supervisor.
Moneys owed to Makkers for items sold in the gallery will usually be paid shortly after the end of the calendar month, this will be paid by bank transfer and will be accompanied by a list of your sales. If you wish to add items to your collection that were not on your application these need to go to the board for approval before they can go out for sale in the gallery.

How To Apply

You can apply by completing our our application form and handing it in to the gallery or emailing it to along with samples of the work you wish to sell. (the board are currently meeting virtually therfore photographs emailed with your application rather than samples are fine) 
Three to five samples is usually adequate depending on the variety of work. Samples should be priced and ready for display, for artists work should be framed ready to hang. It is also helpful if you give a price range for your works, prices should be the price to the customer, please take into account the gallery commission when you price your goods, the gallery commission is 33.3% of the selling price. Applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Board, usually held monthly.
Applications are accepted all year round.

Application Form

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